At Witmer Tyson Imports we have been selling and training police dogs for over forty years. During this time we have put hundreds of dogs out on the street to help protect the public. We have been providing German Shepherd Dogs for all of our patrol work and cross-training needs (occasionally, or on special request, other dog breeds have also been used). Most of the dogs are imported from Europe, some are from our own excellent breeding lines. Our four-week basic handler course is the beginning of an exciting career as a canine handler. This basic course teaches the dog and handler how to handle the street as a team. Our on-going maintenance training keeps the dog in compliance with exercises designed for more experienced handlers.

We offer three basic handler courses a year. We also offer two narcotics detection classes, one explosives detection class, one beginning tracking class, one advanced tracking class, and one canine helpers class per year. To find out more about the clasess and their schedules, please click on the Courses link at right.


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